Using Game Day

SportsTG is excited to introduce our new Mobile App - Game Day. The following article will step you through using Game Day, which is currently available to download via the App Store and Google Play Store. 


Once you have downloaded and installed the app, upon opening the app you will be presented with the Sign Up/Login screen:

You are able to sign up to Game Day using your current Google or Facebook accounts. Alternatively, you can sign up with your existing email address. This option is located at the bottom of the screen and appears as follows:

Home Screen

Once you have completed your registration, and confirmed your registration via the confirmation email, you will be able to access Game Day. Once you have successfully logged in you will be taken to the Home Screen:


From the Home Screen, select the sport in which you wish to search for a Team. If you are not able to see your sport icon, simply select the Search option at the top of the screen, to take you to the search area. 

From within this screen, you are able to search by Team Name, or by Teams in Competition or Association. Once you have made your selection you can begin to type the name of your Team in the blue "Search" area, found at the top of the screen e.g. Sandringham. 

Once you have selected your Team, you will be taken to the Team page, to save this team to your Home Screen, select the + button, found top right of screen. Once this button is selected you have the option to give your Team a unique name prior to saving. 

My Teams

Teams that have been saved will appear on the Home Screen under the My Teams area. Allowing you to easily navigate to your teams Games Fixtures and Ladder. 

My Planner

If you have multiple teams that you play in, or follow or perhaps you are a parent who have children who play sport, My Planner allows you to see an overview of upcoming games for all saved Teams. To access my planer, select the My Planner tab, found on the Home Screen:

You are also able to see the location of an upcoming match, by selecting the map icon:

If you are having difficulty using the Game Day app, please Contact Us

For Troubleshooting/FAQ's please see our Game Day FAQ's Article